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at the Hoover Dam in 2015
at the Hoover Dam in 2015
Mr.  James  Lynn
Library Media Specialist

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Excitement's in the air!

Konnichi-wa! I'm James Lynn, the Media Specialist, Reading Bowl Coach, Chess Coach, and resident nerd at Turner Middle School. This is my 18th year at Turner (and 23nd in education)!  My job is to create information learners. That is, I endeavor to assist in molding young minds with ways to find, organize, and understand information.

We want all of our students to have the greatest learning opportunities possible, and we recognize that parent involvement is a key to attaining that goal.   When it comes to your child's education, it's very important that you are involved, at home and at school, throughout the entire school year.

Based upon research, working with your child at home and having discussions about what is going on at school have the greatest influence on student success.  Some things you can do to help your child be successful are:

  • Reading (books, magazines, newspapers, etc.) to/with your child (with the television turned off);
  • Setting aside a specific time to listen and talk with your child about what is going on in school, his/her concerns, goals and needs;
  • Supporting successful completion of homework and projects;
  • Family meetings to plan home expectations and educational outings;
  • Watching educational television programs (History/Discovery Channel) with your children and discussing the program afterward;
  • Actively supervising student's educational activities (learning games, research, letter writing, etc.) on the computer;
  •  Engaging your child in cooking (planning, reading recipes and measuring).

So parents, talk to your students.  Students, talk to your parents.  You'll learn more than you ever thought you would.

James Lynn