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TMS Breakfast & Lunch Program

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Welcome to the Cafeteria @ Turner Middle School

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Here is a list of our current prices:
Click HERE to view the school lunch menus.
Click HERE to view the school breakfast menus.


Click HERE to view the School Nutrition Services End of the Year Newsletter.


Regular Price Breakfast:  $1.25

Reduced Price Breakfast:  30¢

Second Breakfast: $1.65

Staff Price Breakfast:  $1.65

Extra milk or juice: .60¢


Regular Price Lunch:  $2.50

Reduced Price Lunch:  40¢

Second Lunch: $3.25

Visitor Price Lunch:  $3.50 

Staff Price Lunch: $3.25

Extra Milk:  60¢

Extra Juice:  60¢



  Breakfast  Lunch
Elementary Student $1.25 $2.25  
Middle School Student $1.25 $2.50  
High School Student $1.25 $2.50  
Staff $1.65 $3.25  
Guest $1.65 $3.50  


As a reminder, our meal charge policy is as follows:

"To provide a vehicle whereby elementary and middle school students may accumulate a maximum in charges to equal the price of two full pay student lunches. This charge limit includes any charges for breakfast and lunch. High school students and adults will not be allowed to charge. A la carte purchases will not be allowed if a child owes a charge. After the charge limit is reached, a student will be offered a meal alternate which consists of a sandwich and a beverage.  This regulation is to ensure that a child will not go hungry while potential losses of school food service funds will be limited."