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Why Turner Middle School Is Great (written by a Turner student)

Principal Kwame A. Carr - School Turnaround - T.V. Documentary

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  What Makes Turner Middle School Great?

By Alexis Gray

          As I walk in the front doors on my way to homeroom, greeting me is the smell of freshly baked muffins, a sign that says “The Best Middle School in Georgia,” and my homeroom teacher’s pleasant voice, “How are you today, princess?” What does a great middle school look like? A great middle school looks like Turner Middle School (TMS), my middle school. There are three major components of every school: the parents, the teachers, and, of course, the students. Parents assist by being involved with their child’s education, which, therefore, benefits the school. The students make the school great by putting forth effort in their studies and being positively involved in school. Lastly, the  teachers help by their dedication to educating the students and the will to do more than just average teaching. These are the components that contribute to the greatness of TMS.

          What makes TMS great? The TMS parents contribute to the school’s greatness. When parents are involved in their child’s education, they also participate in the school’s activities. At TMS, we have an organization called ‘Parent Teacher Student Association’ (PTSA), a group of parents who come together and host a variety of school functions for the students. Consequently, PTSA brings greatness to TMS through community involvement. Likewise, parents support the TMS student-athletes by attending the various sporting activities. Most recently, at the County Soccer championship game in April 2013, at least 75%  of the student-athletes’ parents watched the TMS boys team conquer the opposing team, and retain the title of undefeated champions for three consecutive years. As a result, parental participation provides a great learning environment for all students.

          What further makes TMS great? The teachers at TMS contribute to the school’s excellence. The teachers at TMS are dedicated to the students and the school. Several of the teachers offer tutoring before, after, and during the academic day. As an example, Mrs. Smith, 7th grade Math teacher, provides her cellphone number to her students for them to contact her if they have math questions after they leave school. Over the past summer, over 50% of the teachers  attended numerous professional development courses, which allowed them to acquire novel teaching skills, and strategies that they can implement in their classrooms this coming school year. At Turner, the teachers are committed to students; they encourage students to do their best and even reward them for involvement in school activities and for high grades and test scores. For that reason, the teachers bring greatness to TMS by being supporters and encouragers to students.

          Lastly, what makes TMS great? The students at TMS contribute to the school’s greatness. Students are the reason that the positive atmosphere at TMS exists. When the students are involved, their engagement not only contributes to their success, but it also sheds a positive light on the school. For example, when the students’ grades or test scores are high, it brings positive attention to the school. The TMS CRCT (state standardized test scores) have consistently risen over the past two years, in all content areas. Student participation in clubs and organizations lend to the greatness of TMS. At TMS, there are many clubs and organizations such as the Student Government Association (SGA), the Art Club, the Reading Bowl, Chess Club, the Robotics Club, the Beta Club, and the 4H Club along with various sports, Band, and Chorus. This past year, the 4H Club was selected as the top 4H Club in Douglas County. All of these activities require students to behave and maintain good grades in school. As a result, the students bring greatness to TMS through academics and community involvement.

          In conclusion, TMS is a great middle school. One reason is the parents’ contribution and interest with their child’s education, which, therefore, benefits the school. Second, the teachers help because of their dedication to students and their desire to do more than just average teaching.   Lastly, the students make the school great by putting forth effort in their studies and being positively involved in school. The sign was correct; Turner Middle School is “The Best Middle School in Georgia.” How will you make TMS great?