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It's Crunch Time!

January 1, 2012

Greetings Turner Middle School Community,

     At the beginning of this school year a challenge was made to all students and parents – KNOW your times tables.  With the emphasis on math this year, along with writing and attendance, we intend to perform well on our state mandated measures of “success.”  We already know that Turner Middle School is a great school; however, failing to meet basic academic needs in mathematics has been an issue.  In my educational experience as a certified middle school math teacher, it all boils down to whether students know their times tables when they leave the third grade.  We are academically sound in every other content area.  We are asking, again, that all parents ensure their students meet this basic need immediately. 

     First semester is over.  We have had a wonderful start to the school year, and we intend to finish strong, with the focus remaining on overall student achievement.  Our doors are open to parents, guardians and the community we serve.  Opportunities for tutoring are still open.  Free tutorial services are still being offered.  These services will remain open all year long.  As we prepare to take the CRCT in April, which immediately follows spring break, we must be sure that students are mastering the curriculum.  That means we need students at school regularly, behaving themselves, and paying attention in class.  Fortunately our students are on the right track and displayed this behavior first semester.  Nothing less will be expected second semester.  As a matter of fact, we will expect even more.

Kwame A. Carr, Principal