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45 School Days To Go!!!

March 16, 2012 

Greetings Turner Middle School,

The final quarter of the school year is underway, and the year is rapidly coming to an end. The CRCT will begin on Tuesday, April 10, one day after our return from spring break. As you may have heard, schools in Georgia will no longer be measured under AYP (adequate yearly progress). A new measure is being designed and implemented, with the upcoming CRCT 2012 being assessed by this new measurement. The school renovation project is also on track to be finished in July 2012, to the tune of almost $7.5 million.

In addition to that, our 8th graders are beginning their transition to high school, and there will be numerous events to celebrate our students, along with our incoming 6th grade class. Our 8th grade students performed well on the Georgia Writing Assessment, and we anticipate similar success on the CRCT from all grade levels. We will continue to focus on mathematics, writing, and attendance; however, all content areas will be our emphasis next year, along with adding more gifted classes.

Turner Middle School is on the rise, and we are dedicated to our students’ growth and success, academically, socially, and emotionally. As a reminder, as the weather changes and the school year closes, we will implement the same procedures with the same expectations. Students have two jobs at Turner Middle School: 1) Make A’s and B’s 2) Behave appropriately. This means coming to school daily, paying attention in class, and displaying the proper attitude while abiding by all school policies. The formula for success is just as simple as that!

Thank you for being a part of the Turner Middle School Family!!!

Kwame A. Carr