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After the CRCT beginning @ Noon 4/24/13

Greetings Turner Middle School,

 Testing season is officially over in Douglas County Middle Schools, with the exception being make-up assessments. We have five weeks of school remaining. During these five weeks, there will be a variety of events and celebrations that our students have earned throughout the course of this school year; however, we expect to continue with our daily routines up until the last week of school, which means teachers will be facilitating classes as usual.

 Traditionally, in many middle schools, students believe “school is over” after testing. This is not the case at Turner Middle School! Teachers are planning to reteach concepts students may have struggled with and/or planning to preview the curriculum for the next grade level. Students are expected to raise their grade point averages during these last five weeks and to remain focused on academic excellence.

 Please understand that the expectations that we’ve set over the course of the past two years remain intact until May 31, 2013 at 12:15 p.m. Specifically, this means that young men may NOT sag their pants; their shirts must be tucked in; young ladies and young men are not allowed to wear garments that are too revealing in nature; no holes above the knee; no cell phones or electronic devices are allowed to be seen or heard; transitions are allotted 3-minutes; classroom disruptions are not tolerated; and bullying is prohibited. These are the same expectations we’ve been enforcing all year, and students have heard these expectations publically announced and enforced for more than 150 school days this year.

 As we conclude another great school year, we will remain focused on academic excellence and appropriate student behavior, putting safety first! Please remind your student(s) to work with us to achieve these common goals.

 Thank you for your support,

Kwame A. Carr

Kwame A. Carr, Principal