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Young Georgia Authors (YGA)
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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Charlotte Hunter, DCSS Young Georgia Authors Overall Winner
Charlotte Hunter, DCSS Young Georgia Authors Overall Winner
Charlotte Hunter, DCSS YGA Overall Winner

The purpose of the Young Georgia Authors (YGA) writing competition is to encourage students to develop enthusiasm for and expertise in their writing, to provide a context to celebrate their writing successes, and to recognize student achievement in arts and academics.  This prestigious competition has been engaging Georgia students for more than two decades and is open to any student currently enrolled in Georgia public schools, grades K -12. The competition is co-sponsored by the Georgia Department of Education (DOE) and the Georgia Council of Teachers of English (GCTE).

Each fall, teachers throughout the county begin soliciting works from students to be entered in the Young Georgia Authors Writing Competition.  The students are asked to produce original works without adult assistance. Then, teachers at each school spend considerable time gathering and judging the entries; determining a winner at each grade level; and submitting the chosen pieces to the system-level contest. 

Next, each spring, several diligent and enthusiastic teachers serve as the Douglas County School System judges, pouring over the literary efforts of the students to choose the best of the best.  Using a rubric provided by the Georgia Council of Teachers of English (GCTE) who sponsors the competition, the judges evaluate each entry based upon the following four domains:

  • Ideas (depth of development, sense of completeness, focus, and relevance of detail)
  • Style (voice and diction)
  • Organization (sequence of ideas and appropriate organizational strategies)
  • Conventions (clarity of meaning and overall mechanics).  

The winning entries for each grade level are then forwarded to the RESA district where RESA officials judge the entries, selects regional winners to send to the state.  Finally, those winners are sent to officials with GCTE who select the state level winners who are announced in late spring.

This is the second year in a row that Turner has had the Middle School Level Winner. Last year, Julia Milton won. This year's DCSS Middle School Young Georgia Authors winner is Charlotte Hunter. Charlotte also is the Overall winner for Douglas County School System

As with Julia Milton, Charlotte's English teacher is Ms. Stacey Mathess.

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