Follett Shelf
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Friday, September 09, 2016
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Our library in the cloud.

You can read over 1000 of our books online using Follett Shelf.  Simply log into Destiny just like you do at school, and then click on the link to Follett Shelf.  There, you can search or browse for which ever book you want to read online.  Click on the book and it will open!  You may have to push the F11 button on your keyboard to size the window if you are using a small monitor so that you can turn the pages.  If your login doesn't work, contact Mr. Lynn and he'll be able to assist you. 

Also, there is a free Follett Shelf app that you can use on your iOS, Kindle, and Android devices.  It's called Follett Brytewave.  You will need part of our url to set it up.  It's wbb04855.

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