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Zanita Hartzog Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Reading - 8th Grade


I attended college in my home state, Mississippi. I aspire to continue growing and learning, just as I require of my students.


This year marks my fifteenth year of teaching and my thirteenth year in Douglas County. It has been both a joy and an honor to teach here and to connect with so many students and parents. I look forward to creating new and exciting memories in the 2016-17 school year.


The most important thing that you should know about me is that I LOVE teaching your children! It brings me joy to connect with each and every one of them, to learn about their backgrounds, their motivations, their fears and joys, their favorite adventures, etc. We spend an entire year getting to know each other, growing as human beings, and engaging in a lot of learning along the way. My goal is to develop critical thinkers, who are able to translate their understanding of academia to a broader understanding of the world. It is to build students who do not simply accept what is, but rather students who ask and seek to understand why, students who see themselves as active and engaged participants in their own life, students who are prepared for the challenges of learning in an ever evolving world. I give to my students what I expect from my students: MAXIMUM EFFORT!