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Andy Goswick Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Science - 6th Grade


Central Alabama Community College:  1993-1995

 Associates in Science: General

University of Auburn at Montgomery:  1999-2002

               Bachelor's of Science:  Elementary Education

Master's Education: (August 2009) Central Michigan University

Walden University: Eds. Ed. Technology-May (2011)


2000-2002:    Substitute for Talladega County-grades fifth and eighth.

                           Substitute for Talladega City-grades third and fifth.

2002-2003:    Student Therapuetic Education Program (S.T.E.P)

2005-2006:    Long-term substitute Talladega City-grade six, Mathematics.

2006-2017:   Mt. Carmel Elementary School, Douglas County, third grade, fifth grade, first Grade and now onto 4th Grade. 

2017-Present:  Turner Middle School teaching 6th Grade Earth Science


Welcome parents and students to my biography! Yes, it's exciting as a cricket in a jumping contest!! Ok, maybe I'm not that exciting, but I like to think so.

Welcome to 6th Grade Earth Science. This year is going to be filled with challenges, adventures, and learning. I like to encourage my classes to be themself, learn new things, and take risks they normally don't take. I like to say I have a unique class culture as it encompasses and brings out the best in not only the student but myself as well. I try to create a culture where students are loved, accepted, encouraged, challenged, held accountable, respectful and responsible, supported through mistakes, humbled when they win, take pride in themself, and understand how blessed they are. I hope I can work with you this year to create a solid teacher-parent-student relationship that will last. 

Little About Me:

Who am I? I'm glad you asked! I'm a father, brother, son, and a proud educator. I love to spend time with my family and have fun. I have a wonderful wife whom I've been married to for the past 15 years (2002) and been together for 19 years. We have 2 awesome kids, and 2 dogs. Jayden is 11 and Graycee is 5-they keep us on our toes for sure!

I love anything technical and my iphone. I love gadgets, technology and if I can use it with my phone or Ipad, I'm all in! (Yes, I'm an Apple-head. I have 2 Apple tv's and 2 Apple Macbooks.) What can I say? I love technology and being able to use it and teach it to others when I have a chance.

I have a 2004 Jeep Wrangler named "Obsidian" which I take off-road for rock crawling and riding. My wife has a 2013 Jeep Wrangler 4 door which never goes offroad (They're both  capable, but it's a lot cheaper to fix mine if it breaks and she uses hers everyday, I don't. I'll post some pictures later.) So I love to be outdoors, ride, fish, and just hang out and relax at times. 

I attend a local Church, "The Church At The Ridge" and often times sing on the praise team (I've been singing professionally and non since I was 8 years old). I love educating kids in a plethora of ways and feel relationship is a huge component. My passions are my God, Family, and my kids here at TMS.  



As the late Dr. MLK Jr. once stated, "Intelligence + Character-that is the goal of true education." 



My father is a huge influence in my life when it comes to my family. My father taught me the importance of family, loving your spouse and family as well as living your faith in God on a daily basis. He stressed doing what it takes for your family and allowing God to lead your life and decisions. His moral and ethic belief system was strong and now that I have a family of 4, I'm trying to implement it through my leadership in the home. My father is a true inspiration and I hope I can be the same to my students.

Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow has exemplified what it is to be a player on the collegiate level as well as in the Pros. He has maintained his character both on the field and off the field. He takes a lot of "heat" due to his belief in Christ yet he does his best not to waiver. He's human and will make mistakes but as far as an inspiration or an athlete to look up too-I think Tim Tebow should be at the top of the list.

John Wooden. He was a famous coach for the UCLA Bruins Basketball team who lived out what he believed. His work ethic along with his perserverance, dedication and belief system was unmatched and exemplified throughout his 12 year period as coach. He won 10 championships in the 12 years at UCLA, 7 was in a row-which is a huge accomplishment. He coached what he believed and believed in what he coached. He was disciplined on and off the court and was a man of his word.