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1st Newsletter Information  

Georgia Studies Newsletter


General Information:

Greetings students and parents! Welcome back to an exciting year at Turner Middle School.  I look forward to serving you and your student this 2017-2018 school year.  This newsletter serves as an additional way to keep students and parents informed of the upcoming units, academic and behavior expectations as well any special information from the grade level that is pertinent to our Georgia Studies class.  I hope that this additional form of communication will help both the student and parent stay up to date so that ultimately the student will be successful in this course.  If you have specific questions about what is contained in this newsletter, please feel free to contact me as soon as possible.  My contact information is located below.  Again, I welcome you and look forward to a dynamic year!

Objective/Standard(s): Students will become acquainted with class expectations and standards for success the first week of school.  Additionally, students will be exposed to an overview of the 8 core themes for 8th Grade Social Studies in hopes that they will gain an enduring understanding throughout our course of study in Georgia History.

Upcoming Assignments:

       Summary of Goals for the upcoming school year.

       Unit 1: KIM Chart-Vocabulary for Geography and Regions of Georgia


       8 Core Themes of Social Studies

       Region/Geography Mini Project Assignment

Daily Ongoing Homework:

       Read the 1st chapter in Online Text for Geography/Regions of Georgia.

       Study Notes and Vocabulary daily from Schoology.

Special Information:

 Upcoming Grade Level Open House: TBA

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Important Reminders:

1.       Have school supplies ready for the first day.

2.       Stay tuned for Open House date; will be announced shortly.

3.       Ensure that you have your REMIND account!

4.       Be sure that you have your password to access Infinite Campus.

5.       Read the Syllabus and return the bottom signature portion only as well as personal information   

         sheets by Friday August 11th.

6.       Ensure that you have your Schoology account open and password written down so that you can

         access it for the rest of the school year!

7.       Be Positive and start the school year off strong and focused!




Curriculum Pacing Calendar with Units for 8th Grade SS  

An Overview of the Curriculum Map for Georgia Studies


Overview of the 8 Core Themes of 8th Grade Social Studies for Enduring Understandings.

Unit 1

Geography and the Regions of Georgia

Unit 2

Prehistoric; Exploration and Colonization

Unit 3

Statehood: Early History

Unit 4

Foundations of Government

Unit 5

Civil War and Reconstruction

Unit 6

The New South

Unit 7

20th Century: World War I

Unit 8

20th Century: World War II and Post World War II Georgia

Unit 9

Civil Rights

Unit 10

Modern Georgia

Unit 11

State and Local Government

Unit 12

Adult and Juvenile Justice

Unit 13

Personal Finance


Georgia Milestones Testing!


Attention Parents of Dr. Gaither's Social Studies Class for the 2017-2018 school year

Welcome to a new and exciting school year!  There are multiple ways that I will communicate with my scholars and you.  Below is a list of ways that you will receive information and be able to stay informed of what's happening in our Georgia Studies class.

1.  REMIND 101--Please sign up if you have'nt done so.  Please obtain the code from me.

2.  Turner Middle School's Website:  Just click on School Staff, locate my name and waa...laa....(you're there)!  Here, you will find general information for the class.

3.   Infinite Campus: Grades are updated weekly!--Please stay informed...

4.   Schoology:  This is our online classroom where students can find everything that they need from class resources, vocabulary, assignments and due dates, online class textbook, helpful class resource links, and messages from me as well as a means for students to communicate with me regarding any questions or concerns, etc..

5.   Email: Please email me personally with any concerns or questions @

6.   Monthly (by Units) Newsletter

7.   Phone:  770-651-5576