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Daily Homework  

Please go under the file tab and download or print

a copy of the choice board for homework.

Reading at home  

Please make sure that students are reading at home at least 20 minutes a day.  They should know their log ins for Mobymax, Myon, Newsela, and Destiny Quest.  All of these resources are available to the students to use at home.




Please make sure to view the link information on the milestone test preparation section.

Milestone Preparation  



Please be aware that Georgia milestone is fast approaching.  I have listed below a link to the GOE website that provide a resource to help study and prepare for the test.  Please have your child study this as much as possible.

7th Grade

6th Grade


Read Theory  

Students will soon be able to practice and improve their reading skills by accessing:


Read Theory


I am in the process of putting togther their login information.  Please ensure you child using this valuable resource.


The House on Mango Street  

Here is a link to a FREE copy of the book we are reading in class now:


Please download a copy for you student to read along.

Grading Policies  

My grading policy is that late and missing work will be accepted.  Students will have 2 days to turn in late work.  It is the students responsibility to ensure that they receive what is needed to make up or turn in late work.  As time permits, I do allow students to redo any assignments that did not score a passing grade.  This is at the teacher's discretion.  I usually will allow students to take home and complete any assignments they did not finish in class as well.  The maximum grade that will be given for late or make up work is 80%.

Classroom Expectations  

Classroom Expectations


1.  Students should enter quietly and began Warm-Up

2.  Students should listen and participate in class

3.  Students should stay in their seats

4.  Raise their hands if need to get out of seat

5.  Students should take notes and ask questions