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Assignment List

Weekly Assignments  

Have you checked ENGRADEPRO & INFINITE CAMPUS recently?  Are there any major assignments due?  Log in today.  

This page will help you stay current on your weekly assignments.  Homework will not be a lengthy assignment.  Homework handouts should be placed in the outside door folder before 8:30am.  Be sure your full name, date, and class period is written on all activities.

Include S.A.N.D. for all assignments - Subject, Assignment, Name, Date.

CLASSWORK AND HOMEWORK ACTIVITIES - CLICK link to see an archived list of assignments.  Refer to EngradePro for details and additional practice activities.  Remember to write down exact assignment in your agenda each day.

Bring your headphones everyday to class. Check Infinite Campus weekly and the link above to stay current on your work.  

REQUIRED TODAY - Feb 13 -16 - Complete in Order

  1. Notes on Nigeria , Kenya, and South Africa - Take bulleted or cluster map notes.  Write 2 new items you learned from each subheading.
  2. 4th period students ONLY, prepare to follow directions to complete the Student Health Survey.  All students will complete this survey once with their 4th period teacher in class.
  3. Open Engrade Quiz.  All should be complete now.  Then open Engrade Lesson and this CIA World Factbook site.  Locate the "Economics of Africa" grahic organizer.
  4. Facts and Myths About HIV/AIDS - Read this short article.

Online ChoiceBoard - Feb 13-16

  1. Open the "Facebook" template from the Jan 29 Engrade lesson.  Other social media templates to select from.   You should have met with your partner and contributed facts and quotes about the historical figure.  Colloborate and decide who will put the final piece together.  
  2. Check Engrade Discussions.  Verify that you completed all January/February assigned Discussions.  Ignore all others.  
  3. Practice the government and economic quizlets below in preparation for our next test.
  4. Superlative Voting Instructions - Participate.  This will be printed for the yearbook.

Have you provided your video response to our FLIPGRID  prompt?  

Check out some of the pop culture FAMOUS AFRICANS.

QUIZLET PRACTICE AIDS - (for test preparation and homework review)



Government Descriptions

Government Participation

Economic Quizlet 26

Africa Economy


Africa Culture and History

Partition of Africa 

Pan Africa - UTP (7)

Pan Africa: Kenya Nigeria S.Africa

SS7H1 Africa 20th 21st Cent Hist

Africa History Vocabulary

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela #2

Interactive Geography

I Like To Learn



Sheppard Software

World Atlas

Your Child Learns













Current Event Articles 

1st Week of School Introduction ASSIGNMENTS 

  1. Learning Style Inventory or Learning Style (Ed Planner) - Read carefully.  Mark honestly.
  2. Click the link to fill out this Student Questionnaire in Office365 Forms.
  3. Fill out this Office365 form only if you still cannot login to the portal at
  4. Return syllabus signed by parent.  See homepage near bottom.
  5. Word Cloud Introduction - Follow guidelines.


Character Word of the Week: ethical

Class Rules (doc)

Compare Contrast Graphic

Discipline/Citation Info

Conflict Management (v-clip)

Cornell Notes Template

GIST Model 

Happy & Successful Say...


Lat Long

Lunch Captain Schedule

Microsoft Office365

School Password Sheet

This Day in History

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