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Assignment List

Weekly Assignments  Updated at 12/12/2017 3:57:00 AM

Have you checked ENGRADEPRO & INFINITE CAMPUS recently?  Are there any major assignments due?  Log in today.  

This page will help you stay current on your weekly assignments.  Homework will not be a lengthy assignment.  Homework handouts should be placed in the outside door folder before 8:30am.  Be sure your full name, date, and class period is written on all activities.

Include S.A.N.D. for all assignments - Subject, Assignment, Name, Date.

CLASSWORK AND HOMEWORK ACTIVITIES - CLICK link to see an archived list of assignments.  Refer to EngradePro for details and additional practice activities.  Remember to write down exact assignment in your agenda each day.

Bring your headphones everyday to class. Check Infinite Campus weekly and the link above to stay current on your work.  

Dec 11 - Dec 14

  1. Remember to study for the Semester Post Test.  Get your pink slip signed by parent. 
  2. Log into Infinite Campus.  On a sheet of paper, write down all your missing work work (55%).  Before asking me for it, check EngradePro Calendar/Lessons and the Classwork/Homework link above.
  3. Only Selected Students 
    • Read this short article: Water Pollution Article #1.  Answer the 9 questions in your notebook and give to me for quick grading.
  4. Open up the Ethnic Groups in Africa presentation from Engrade Lessons.  Go to slide 4.  Prepare to fill out graphic organizer in your notebook.  Lay your paper sideways.
  5. 4th period ONLY - Go to CODE using google chrome browser.  If you have your headphones, please use.  If not, just turn your volume down just low enough to hear.  When you finish, save your certificate and email it to me.  If you don't finish, complete for homework.
  6. Access Engrade Discussions.  Have you completed all your Discussions, including the Quote of the Month for November?  
  7. Let me know if you are interested in participating in the "Black History Program".  


TRICIDER FEEDBACK - Use this link to offer specific comments about a student's diary entry on an environmental issue.  Type the students first name and vote for your best presentation.

Check out some of the pop culture FAMOUS AFRICANS.

Current Event Articles 

  1. Read/view these intriguing  current event articles.  It is good and thought-provoking.  But is it fair?

Video Clip of the Week - DACA News Story

1st Week Introduction ASSIGNMENTS 

  1. Learning Style Inventory - Read carefully.  Mark honestly.  Then fill out FORM RESULTS
  2. Click the link to fill out this Student Questionnaire in Office365 Forms.
  3. Fill out this Office365 form only if you still cannot login to the portal at
  4. Return syllabus signed by parent.  See homepage near bottom.
  5. Word Cloud Introduction - Follow guidelines.


Character Word of the Week: ethical

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