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Ok parents and students, we're in the last stretch of the 2nd semester. Some students are already asking what they can do to improve their grade and I've instructed them where to go and what to do.

Parents: Go to the TMS website, staff, A. Goswick. Go to Announcements for....well, announcements and go to FORMS to download any and all make up work. The harder they work and more they do, more points.

Anyone below a 76 can ONLY obtain an 80 as a final grade for the semester.  If their average is an 80-85, they can only add 5 points to their grade. 

Continue to speak with your child in regards to following directions the first time, speaking to adults and others using a respectable demeanor. Students need to work hard, focus, and stay on task as their completing their work in class and outside class. Some students aren't as motivated as others when it comes to completing their work or finishing their work, but that is a very important aspect in being successful. 

As always, thank you for all you do and as always, feel free to e-mail and let me know what I can do to enhance and encourage your child's success. Have a wonderful weekend!

November to December  

Here we are, I can't believe we're about to roll into December!! Time has flown and there are wonderful things in Science to cover. 

Just a few reminders and dates to keep you ahead of all we have going on here at TMS. 


The Turner Middle School Music Dept.

Proudly Presents:


Band Christmas Concert

Friday December 8, 2017

@ 7:30pm

At First Baptist Church of Lithia Springs

The concert will feature the 6th grade band, the 7th grade band, the Jazz band, & 8th grade band.

Please come out and support our students, and bring friends and family with you!


December 8th:  You don't want to miss this awesome presentation by our Chorus!!

December 15th:  Grading period ends. Christmas/Holiday Break!!


**We're discussing earthquakes, the cause, and how they affect the surrounding area. We're learning about the different boundaries, how they affect earth, and about each one.  We're going to roll right into volcano's, what they are and how they are formed. 

**Finding videos and information on Earthquakes can be found on Google, there are some below.


Be sure to ask your child about earthquakes and what they're learning in our Science class. A lot of the information and facts are interesting and new to the students. 

**Be sure to join our REMIND (@scearth) and PARENT PORTAL. Email is a great way to contact me and keep in touch with your child's progress. As always, if there's anything else I can do, please let me know. 



Happy Thanksgiving!!  



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It's finally here, the break we've all been waiting for!! So now what right? I challenge parents and kids alike, to get some rest, eat well, and make the best out of the situation. We all have something to be thankful and grateful for this holiday season. Even in the midst of the storms, the lows in our life, or even the terrible situations which may arise, we can still figure out something to be thankful for. I never said it would be easy or we didn't have to really search and look deep down, but it's there. :)

When we get back, we will be finishing up Unit 2-Layers of the Earth. 

I tell the students every Friday that I love them and they have one thing to make sure they do over the weekend/break.... come back and see me.. :)  Please come back after the break and see me.. :) 

Please make sure you're signed up on Parent Portal as well as our REMIND:  @scearth 

*  I offer tutoring on Tuesday and Thursday from 4:15-5:15. If you're interested, please make sure you send a note regarding the interest. There's a form to have signed and returned just for clerical and upkeep purposes. The latest I can stay is 5:30, so if you're going to be later, please text me and let me know. Here are the dates:

Nov. 28th: 4:15-5:15

Nov. 30th:  4:15-5:15

Dec. 7th:  4:15-5:15

Dec. 14th:  4:15-5:15

If you can not pick up by 5:15, the latest I can stay is 5:45. Please call and let me know that you'll be late. I don't want time to be an issue that keeps your child from getting the help they need or could benefit from. 

*  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. My contact information is below and I'd love to hear from you. 



Phone:  (770)-651-5553

Text Phone:  (404)-947-5097


I'll be able to receive texts and e-mail until Monday. Monday afternoon around 5:00 or so, I'll be disconnecting from my cell, computer, and any other form of distraction. Thank you for your understanding and I'll follow back up the Sunday after Thanksgiving. 


Have a safe and wonderful holiday-Love your support, encouragement, and most of all, your dedication to your child and their education. 

Weekly Update: 11/13/17  

We're in the homestretch before we all get a week off! Yay!! I think I speak for both teachers and adults, it's well deserved and needed.

*Layers of the earth Assessment from today, is complete. Your child can log into ENGRADE and see their score-as well as you! Don't forget to sign up for Parent Portal. You'll see your child's grades, missing assignments, and other important information. 

Next week, we're OUT OF SCHOOL!!! I'm not excited or anything...I'm just kinda elated..maybe estatic! Ok OK!! I'm excited!! Have a safe, enjoyable holiday, along with spending some time with your family and friends, and don't forget to take some time for yourself. 

Announcements for the week 11/10/17  

Ever wondered how you could help this holiday season? Have you wondered how you could help but you were low on funds, food, or both? We have just the thing for you! 

Our Turner Middle School Student Government Association will begin its annual Canned Food Drive beginning on Monday, November 13th and will end on Wednesday Dec. 6th.  This gives your homeroom class 12 days to collect! Please find a small spot in your classroom to store your cans.  Members from our SGA will come to collect your cans on Friday, December 8th. 

The homeroom class that collects the most cans will be awarded a Krispy Kreme Doughnut Breakfast with Juice.  Your efforts will benefit many needy families from our local community! Your efforts last year wereAstronomical and YOU made the difference in the lives of our brothers and sisters in need. Members of our SGA thank you for your support in advance.

We need your help in collecting as many cans as we possibly can. One can a day, 3 cans a week, or whatever you're able to supply. 


We're also in the early planning stages for a toy drive to help benefit students and the community. Be on the look out for upcoming information.


Uploaded to the website under "FORMS", I have extra credit work, and the homework. If you find your child having a "0" on a homework assignment, look for the homework labeled for the week, complete and turn in.

Study Guide for the Layers of the Earth Test is in the "FORMS" section of our website.

Test is Tuesday, please study using the guide we went over in class and uploaded under the forms section. If your child needs to complete any extra credit, it's in the "FORMS" section of our website, download, complete, and turn it in before Holiday Break.


Nov. 20th-Nov. 24th:  Out of school for Thanksgiving Holiday


Don't forget to sign up on the parent portal-PARENTS AND STUDENTS!! This is the easiest way to know what assignments your child is missing and what they need to work on. 

REMIND:  My remind code for the class, is:  @scearth  Please sign up for updates to the website and other important information. 


Are you good at spelling words? Sign up here to enter for the TMS Spelling Bee which will be held in January!  Look for more information, but you can sign up and start studying immediately! Stop by the media center for further directions and begin your journey to beat the 7th and 8th grade students. 

Week of Nov. 6th  

Parents and Students, thank you for checking out the page and looking around. I'm slowly integrating various things as we approach the end of the year, so be on the lookout for an announcement to tell you what I'm working to incorporate next! 

*Progress reports were handing out today (Nov. 8th, 2017) so make sure you look over them. I had quite a few drop their grade or even fail. I'm very disappointed in the students work ethics as they were given many opportunities to raise their grade. They even had a GIP or Grade Improvement Plan to complete as well! Quite a few chose not to take advantage of this opportunity which resulted in a grade less than par.

*Remember parents/students, if you have any old device--apple, android, kindle fire, samsung galaxy tablets etc, please consider donating it to the classroom so we can increase our resource center (If it's broke, I may be able to get it fixed, so don't let that stop you!)  

*I offer tutoring on Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00-5:30. If you or your child is interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please let me know and I'll add them to the list. Please make sure you can pick up your child by 5:30 and I do tutor in math, ela, and reading.

*Have a wonderful week and I look forward to seeing or speaking with you soon. As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me and I'll return your e-mail as soon as possible. :)  Thanks and have a blessed day. 

BYOD and helping others  

Parents and students!! We've discussed this as a class and I would love for you to be on board as well-if you'd like.

Our class is looking for any older device, (apple is great but samsung tablets and phones or other tablets are greatly appreciated) which is lying around the house collecting dust. What if that device could be placed in the hands of your child and many others throughout the day?? What if your child and others, could have a "resource" at their finger tips? It can and I hope to do just that!

Proposal: If you have a gen 1 or 2 device, it's slightly damaged, or is in good condition, I would love to purchase or have it donated to the class. I can repair most apple products or have them repaired, but I do replace all parts with 100% apple replacements. Even though this is a little more expensive, it assures the product continues to work and with a 1 year warranty. 

I told your child I can't pay top dollar for a broken product, but I'm not asking for a free product unless your willing to do so. My goal and vision is to give the kids a resource in the room they can use whenever they may need it. It allows them to see how technology can be used for good and research, vs. wasting time. I assure you it will be used for educational purposes from here until its life comes to an end. 

Thank you for considering this donation and helping the kids of

Any questions or concerns, feel free to let me know...

Oct. 30-Nov.3  

Wow, it's November and shows no sign of slowing down. We've had a good week, researching the layers of the earth, their composition, temperature, and desnsity. The students should have 2 main worksheets (which can be found on the website under "FORMS") they've focused and work on this week. This will be needed in the future to help them study for their unit test. 

We have no school on Tues. Nov 7th, and on Wednesday, progress reports will be sent home. Please look at your child's progress up until this point and if their grade is lower than you expect, look on parent portal. A lot of hw is mssing and not turned in, and second chances are and were given out. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. :) Have a wonderful weekend!


Parents and students: I'm very disappointed in the homework I assign every week. It's reading a passage, and answering 5 (maybe 10) questions on what was read. The sad part??? The paragraphs can be reviewed to make sure the correct answer was chosen, but students are not looking back in the text. 

Please help your child take their time, read it correctly, and make the right choices. It's an easy 100 or at least an 80, which helps bring up any other assignment they may do poorly on. 

IF you have checked their grades on infinite campus, they have a faililng or missing 2-3 assignments, please look under "FORMS" and print off some of the homework from the last 2-3 weeks. The students may complete and turn in to make up the assignment they've missed. 


Thank you parents for your help and hard work, I truly appreciate all you do. 

End of October  

Another month down and closer to the holidays! Time is really moving and so are the standards. Here's a little follow up to this week and a reminders/announcements.

Oct. 31:  Halloween. IF students decided to bring candy to school and eat it in class, it will be taken up and donated to the "Positive Behavior Can". One of the procedures in the room are not to be eating candy, chewing gum or anything else without my permission. They could get their name on the board and/or given a citation. Please remind your child  to keep it where it goes until the right time. (I did tell them if I confiscate any candy, make sure it's Peanut M&M's, Snickers, Kit Kat, etc. lol) 


*We will be beginning our unit 2:  "Layers of the Earth", today and be discussing it all week.  We must be able to do the following:

        *  Compare and contrast the 4 layers of the earth in regards to (1) density, (2) temperature, (3) thickness  (4) composition.
        *  Explain the differences between renewable and nonrenewable resources. 
        *  Give examples of each and explain where they're used
        *  Vocabulary:  hyrdopower, solar power, geothermal, high/low tide, biomass -- are all renewable resources.
        *  nuclear, uranium, fossil fuels, oil, coal, natural gas -- all nonrenewable resources
       *  Nov. 7th:  Student Holiday-No School
       *  Nove. 10th:  Veterans Day
*   ALL students should have a login for Stemscopes and be able to access their assignments. An assignment drops every Friday around 12:00 p.m and ends the following Friday at 4:00. They have paper copies available in case they don't have access to the internet, or if their internet goes down. 
*Stemscope assignments are for a grade and can very well affect your child's grade. It's simply reading a passage and answering the questions. They are able to review the material and go back in the passage for understanding and clarity. 
*If you'd like a conference via phone or in person, please e-mail me. I'd love to have a discussion about your child and their progress in Science. My available times are usually around 10:25-11:15 and 1:00-1:40. I do attend meetings and have things I must attend on certain days, but dont' hesitate to request a day and time. I'd love to speak with you!


Oct. 16th-20th, 2017  

Well, can you believe we're already into October and looking towards November? Wow, time has flown by and we're moving right along.

Just wanted to touch base with you regarding a few things here at school, in class, and some reminders.


ALL students were given STEMSCOPE logins, reviewed how to log in, and given an assignment. Each assignment is dropped in on the previous Friday and due the following Friday (7 days to complete). I also provide paper copies for those students and parents who do not have internet access. You can do the assignment on a phone, tablet, computer or device which connects to the internet. I reviewed the homework assignment and learned a large portion, usually 10-12 students completed the assignment. That means for a homework grade, I would have to enter anywhere between 14-18 0's. That's not something I want to do, so I extended the assignment until Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. Please encourage your child to complete this homework assignment.

There are 3 other assignments which have a due date as well. Please make sure your child completes the homework on the due date. If there is an issue, please let me know and we'll resolve it as quickly as we can. 

If you're not part of our Parent Portal or my classes Remind, please get plugged in as soon as you can. These are great resources which help you and I communicate and you're able to see your child's progress.  REMIND:  @scearth

Homework is assigned to the students and they have a week to complete. Help them review all answers before they turn it in. You read a passage, review the passage as you answer, and then press "turn in." However, some students are spending little time and therefore their grade is a reflection. 

Oct. 23rd:  Awards Day (Honor Roll and Attendance)

Oct. 24th:  Scoliosis screening (PLEASE make sure you've returned the screening form if you DO NOT want your child screened)

                 - Picture retake

Oct. 31st:  Halloween (ALL candy brought will be taken up and "donated" to the class.) 

November 7th:  Student Holiday


Please continue to speak with your child about respecting the procedures and rules of the school. Here are my classroom procedures as a reminder.

1. Respect Everyone

2.  Be in your seat when the bell rings and ready to work.

3.  Raise your hand to speak and wait to be called upon to speak.

4.  Follow directions the first time, when they're given.

5.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

6.  No eating food, snacks, candy, drinking, or chewing gum in class without my permission.

7.  Be quiet and respectful during announcements and while others are speaking.

8.  Do not leave your seat without permission.

9.  Leave quietly and quickly pushing in your chair as you leave.

10. As always: Think and BE positive. 


All classrooms are filled with the same procedures to some extent and expectations don't change. Whether the teacher is in or out of the classroom, or a guest is filling in due to our absence. 

My goal with this page is to continually work on each aspect adding as I go. This is our "class page" and where you'll find announcements and soon, handouts and power points. Please bookmark this page so you'll find it easily. 


Happy Friday the 13th!  

I'm so glad Friday the 13th for my classes didn't live up to the hype! :)  I'll take a win no matter what right? This week has been short, off schedule, and long, but we survived! 

Today, most students (except 2nd period), received their stemscopes login. Why is this important? I'm glad you asked...they have homework which is due next Friday by 4:00 p.m. There are 3 reading assignments which contain comprehension questions to complete. They have until next Friday at 4:00 to complete and it can always be turned in early. If your child didn't receive a Stemscope login, they either left before they were handed out, or they left theirs behind. Please make sure they keep up with these logins or at least, write it down somewhere at home, notebook, or sticky note on the fridge. Here is the website to stemscope login:       

Thursday the 12th, was Hispanic Heritage Day.  I enjoyed learning about the hispanic culture, music, people, and the many contributions they provided to our world and society. Hispanic Heritage Program was put on display last night and from the music, people, and activites, was a huge hit! I love the fact our school is full of diversity and various cultures as I believe, it helps understanding and increased knowledge. 

Dates of October:

Oct. 17th:  Power In Truth Field Trip

Oct. 23rd:  Awards Day (honor roll/attendance)

Oct. 24th:  Scoliosis Screening

                 Picture re-take

Oct. 26th:  Financial Literacy Concert

Oct. 31st:  Halloween (ALL candy will be confiscated and used for classroom treats)

Nov. 3rd:  Enrichment/Remediation Friday


As always, make sure you're on our class Remind, if not get signed up!  @scearth

Have a wonderful weekend and anything else I can think of??? I'll put it here!

Week at a glance 10/6/17  

Wow, can you believe we've ended Sept. and in full swing into October! It's amazing how time flies and how things change. This week, I've collected all make up work or Grade Improvement Papers (GIP), and grades are finalized. I believe all classes (except 2nd-maybe) know their final grade on their report card for science next week. 

Don't freak out parents/students about the grade. The first 9 weeks are usually tough and "eye opening" for the students. Hopefully in some cases, they didn't receive the grade they desired or worked towards. In that case, they need to find out how they can progress towards a higher grade and be a better listener and participant. 

Don't forget to visit this page frequently. I try to update it daily or at least every 2 days. Announcements, calendar etc. are key components of us keeping up and confirming our connection. I'm hoping to begin uploading worksheets we do in class and even work we have for homework, but one step at a time right?  

Oct. 9th and 10th:  Fall Break

Oct. 12th: Hispanic Heritage Month Assembly 9:00 a.m.

Oct. 13th:  Report Cards

Oct. 23rd:  Awards Day (Honor Roll and Attendance)

Oct. 24th:  Scoliosis Screening

Oct 24th:  Picture Re-take day

Oct. 31st:  Halloween

Week at a Glance  

Good evening parents and students! Just a few reminders of what's going on in our class as well as some helpful tips and tricks to success.

     *  Paper Drive: Don't forget, still needing about 2 rheems of paper per               class before we reach our goal of 5!

     *  Encourage your child to be positive, speak positive, and think positive             every morning. They need it and so do it! Lol

     *  Remind your students about being in proper dress code. I'll set up a               link to the handbook for any questions you may have.

     *  Locker letters went home today (9/28/17), they MUST be returned                 Monday, Oct. 2nd. No excuses.

     *  Book Fair is this week (9/29/17 - 10/6/17), so students, please bring             cash.

     *  Make sure you sign up for my "Remind"  (@scearth)

     *  Make sure you sign up for the parent portal. This allows you to see                 your child's grade, send me a message or know how they're doing in               their class. 

     *  IF you received the "Extra Credit" work, it's due on October 4th, by                 3:30 p.m. No excuses. :) 

     *  If your child would like to participate in the Science Fair, please let me             know immediately. I'll have a Science Fair Form that will go home on               Monday (10/2/17)for ONLY those who want to participate. 


Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you Monday!


Contact Information  

REMIND:  @scearth

Phone:  770-651-5553


Text Number:  404-947-5097   (7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.)

Weekly Update: 9/25/17  

Good evening parents and students! Just a few reminders of what's going on in our class as well as some helpful tips and tricks to success.

     *  Paper Drive: Don't forget, still needing about 2 rheems of paper per class before           we reach our goal of 5!

     *  Encourage your child to be positive, speak positive, and think positive every                   morning. They need it and so do it! Lol

     *  Remind your students about being in proper dress code. I'll set up a link to the               handbook for any questions you may have.

     *  Locker letters went home today (9/28/17), they MUST be returned Monday, Oct.           2nd. No excuses.

     *  Book Fair is this week (9/26/17-9/29/17), so students, please bring cash.

     *  Make sure you sign up for my "Remind"  (@scearth)

     *  Make sure you sign up for the parent portal. This allows you to see your child's               grade, send me a message or know how they're doing in their class. 

     *  IF you received the "Extra Credit" work, it's due on October 4th, by 3:30 p.m. No           excuses. :) 

     *  If your child would like to participate in the Science Fair, please let me know                   immediately. I'll have a Science Fair Form that will go home on Friday (9/29/17)           for ONLY those who want to participate. 


Ok guys and gal, I hope you have a wonderful evening and please check back for updates!! Never know when I'll shoot a message or make a post-it's more fun that way! :)