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Other Class Info

Assignment Weights  

Student work will be graded as follows:


                        Teacher Assessments/CDAs                           50%

                                Class Work                                      20%                      

                                Class Projects                                 15%

                                Homework                                       10%

                                Quizzes                                             5%


Daily Class Expectations  

In order to achieve our academic, social, and overall developmental goals, students are expected to do the following:

1. Be Responsible and Dependable. Do what you know is right, even if everyone else is doing wrong. Behave in such a manner that your teachers know they can depend on you to do what's right and what's expected, even in their absence. Remember our mantra: Character is how you live when no one (in this case, your teacher) is looking.

2. Be Rational. Do not allow something minor to manifest into something major. Accept redirection, positive criticism, and consequences for not doing your best or giving maximum effort. Learn and grow from mistakes; do not allow them to define you.

3. Be Mature. Maturity begins with acceptance of the role that you play in your own successes and/or failures.  Take ownership of your learning. We both have a job to do. My job is to prepare you for the next phase of your academic life. Your job is to be the best student you can be.  If we hold ourselves accountable, then success is the ONLY outcome.

4. Be Respectful. Always, always, always show respect for adults, your learning environment, your peers, and respect for yourself. Seek to resolve all conflicts and address all concerns in a respectful manner, as this makes it easier to work towards a sensible solution.

Grading Policies and Expectations  

Students are given multiple opportunities to be successful.  I encourage students to submit ALL work in a timely manner, understanding that from time to time, things do happen.  That said, I will always accept late work, but there is a reduction in the number of points students will earn. I do not provide students with make-up work or extra credit; however, there are always opportunities to submit missing assignments and re-do failed class work and projects.

If you ever have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.