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Latracia Gaither Staff Photo

Class Schedule  

Daily Routines and Procedures

1. Enter Classroom Quietly

2. Copy EQ and Homework

3. Class Pledge (Students recite the class pledge for daily inspiration and motivation)!

4. Today in Georgia History (Students view daily and respond in journal as well as orally)

5. Activating Strategy

6. Whole Group class discussion and activities

7. Small Group/Paired group activities depending upon the day's lesson

8. Summarize (Students summarize the lesson in various formats)

9. Leave your learning space clean and the way you found it!

Class Periods

1st period: 8:33-9:30

2nd period: 9:33-10:20

3rd period: 10:23-11:22

4th period: 11:25-1:00- Lunch (12:30-1:00)-C Lunch

5th period: 1:05-1:50