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Class Schedule  

1st period - 8th Gr. ELA Co-Taught w/Mrs. Middlebrooks

2nd period - 8th Gr. ELA Co-Taught w/Mrs. Middlebrooks

3rd period - Planning

4th period - 6th Gr. Math Co-Taught w/ Mrs. Purcell

5th period - 8th Gr. ELA Co-Taught w/Mrs. Middlebrooks

6th period - Planning 

7th period - 6th Gr. Math Co-Taught w/ Mrs. Purcell

Mrs. Nickle's Expectations For Student Academic Success

Helping all students to reach their highest achievement

All students in Co-Taught Classes should:

1.     Be on time and bring the materials that you need for class everyday.

2.    Complete the classwork assignment in the time allowed.

      All work must be completed either in the period assigned or outside of class.

       This includes work that was missed on a day you were absent. 

3.    Do your best work at all times. Do it right THE FIRST TIME!

       Work that you turn in for a grade must be the best that you can do.

       You must make at least an 80% or the assignment will need to be redone-

                  Zero or Failure is not an option for you. 

4.    Stay on task for the entire period.

        If you finish your work early make sure the work is the best you can do.

        You may study vocabulary words, review your notes, do an extra assignment.  


Rewards:  Good Grades, Encouragement, Good Calls home

Consequences for Non-Success:  Calls home to parents,

          Contracts and/or Action Plan to help you improve your

                          school success skills.