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Make - UP Work
Due Date: 5/22/2018
Subject: Language Arts - 6th Grade

Make- Up Work Assignments

Due Tuesday May 22, 2018

Directions: Students are required to read “Tuesday of the Other June” and complete two activities from the ones listed. Please place the choice # on the assignment. This will make up no more than 2 assignment grades. Please turn your projects in during class or email them to

CHOICE #1 BOOK SUMMARY- Write about the most important events in the book. Be sure to write about the most important characters and to explain what happens in the story as clearly as you can. You should write at least 20 complete sentences or at least 4 full paragraphs.

CHOICE #2 BOOK REVIEW – Write a book critique based on your novel. Address what you liked and what you did not like about the novel. Include 2-3 quotes that support the theme of the novel. Make sure to briefly describe the conflict and close it with a recommendation (or not) to another reader. Of course, include images (book cover, characters, and/or scenes from the conflict).

CHOICE #3 RAP OR POEM - Create a rap, song, or poem from the point-of-view of a major character that expresses how he or she feels about what happens in the story.

CHOICE #4 INTERVIEW THE AUTHOR – Begin by providing the reader background information on the author as an introduction to the interview. Create a list of 10 open-ended questions, plus 10 detailed answers that the author would give to your questions. No “Yes” or “No” questions unless they are followed by an explanation.

CHOICE #5 ALTERNATE ENDING - Write an alternate ending to the novel. In other words, change how it ends. Pick up where the novel ends and continue the plot from the perspective of the main character. (1 page)

CHOICE #6 PPT OR PREZI PRESENTATION - Use PPT or Prezi to create a presentation that summarizes the plot events of your novel. Think along the lines of a plot diagram. Each slide should have a caption, description of plot event, and an image(s). End your presentation with a “Reflection” slide that tells what you learned from the novel. Your presentation should be 8-10 slides.

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