Assignments - Reading - 6th Grade(Archived)
The HOMS Voc. Choice Board
Due Date: 12/4/2017
Subject: Reading - 6th Grade

Students should use the HOMS Voc. List to complete the HOMS Voc. Choice Board.  Student should complete 4 activities.


Due before Dec. 8th!!!

Due Date: 10/20/2016
Subject: Reading - 6th Grade

Students should read at least 20 minutes a day.  Reading can consist of a variety of literature such as books, magazines, newspapers, etc. 

Students have access to Myon which is accessible through  All students should know their login information.  It can be access through a computer or cell phone.

Students also have access to Destiny Quest, an online library, in which they can check out digital books.

Additional reading outside of class will ensure that students are practicing reading skills.


Occasionally, I will assign homework or allow students to finish their classwork as homework.