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Physical Education Syllabus




Mr. Merchant (770-651-5518) –Mark.Merchant@douglas.k12.ga.us

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The Physical Education program provides each student with the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive program consisting of skill development, lead up games, team sport, and physical fitness activities. The students receive instruction in rules, skills, and strategies associated with different sports as well as learning experiences involving physical conditioning activities. The students will also have the opportunities to become involved in lifelong physical activities through individual sport units. Some of the units during the semester may include but are not limited to: football, softball, team handball, team speedball, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, soccer, and basketball. Cardio-vascular activities will be part of the class grade. The program promotes the spirit of cooperation, leadership, fair play, and friendly competition.



Common Assessment (Fitness gram)                               = 50%

Participation/Dress/Skill test                                              = 30%

Reflective Writing/ Journal                                = 15%

SLO                                                                                        = 5%


Common Assessment – A comprehensive fitness assessment which includes health related physical fitness test. The tests are designed to assess cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and body composition.

Participation/Dress/Skill test- This segment of a student’s grade will be determined by daily participation in class activity. (25 points per day).  This includes being dressed properly, being on time and following class rules and regulations. All students will be required to take a pre and post-test on various components of physical skills from each sport unit. After the pre-test, student will make a goal for the post test. The emphasis is placed of overall improvement not the score achieved.

Reflective Writing/Journal- This segment of a student’s grade will be determined by weekly writing assignments covering fitness skills, vocabulary terms, and personal reflections. All students are required to have a journal for the writing assignment.

SLO (Student Learning Objective) - This segment of student’s grade will be determined by a running assignment graded using the district conversion table.




All students are required to dress out for class. Students should wear required T-shirt and shorts for class. Jackets will be approved for outdoor activities.

Clothes will be hemmed, have no inappropriate words or pictures, cover a student well, and be worn appropriately.

Non-marking TENNIS shoes are required. No hiking boots or slip on shoes (Birkenstocks) will be allowed.

All rings, body piercing, and necklaces should be removed before entering gym for safety purposes and for the possibility of theft. Neither Douglas County School System nor Turner Middle School will be held responsible for any injury that occurs because of these objects.



Lockers are supplied in the gym at no cost to the students.

All students will be assigned to a locker in the gym. Locks are required for students and will be supplied by the students. (Please use combination locks only)

Turner Middle School is not responsible for any items left unlocked in the locker room.



If your child has a medical condition, which would necessitate adapting their physical education program, please return a physician’s statement specifying any restrictions.

Parental excuses notes can be written for a maximum of three days. A doctor’s note is required for longer durations.



                1st Offense- Warning

2nd Offense - Written assignment and/or parent contact.

3rd Offense – After school detention on Wednesdays and note sent home


            Sportswear            Tennis Shoes         Journal             Writing utensils      Combination lock                

Please read the above information and then sign below and return to your teacher during your class time.


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